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What is Eczema-Ltd III

Eczema-Ltd offers you a transformative treatment regimen formulated with your specific skin care needs in mind. Yesterday's treatment decisions are just that. It's today's treatment decisions that have the ability to do what your old treatment options couldn't produce - results and clearer skin. To succeed, you need to tailor your treatment for a changing environment and the new results and opportunities that change can create. Move forward with confidence rather than looking back with regret. We are the only company who takes the time to learn your specific symptoms and then create a treatment plan customized to your eczema symptoms that takes into account the effects your current and past treatments may have had on your skin condition.

Magical lotions, potions, gels and brews are the stuff of mythology but do they really have a place in modern medical treatment options? Too many times the carrier base in these medications causes further irritation to the skin, rendering the treatment less than successful. With this in mind, we at Eczema-Ltd spent time researching to find a more effective method of delivering the medicinal properties of minerals to the skin in a safe, soothing blend that would not further irritate the skin. The solution is a group of healing minerals compressed under pressure to form a solid form. This form has been described as a disk, block, stone and soap-like object. Eczema-Ltd is not only unique in its delivery system, it is unique in that is also works to calm, soothe and protect the skin while delivering these healing minerals to the surface of the skin in such a way that they can be readily absorbed into the skin at the location where they are needed to provide a speedier method of healing.

The minerals in Eczema-Ltd include the finest medicinal grade sodium chloride, sulfur, copper oxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide, cornstarch and for a ease in application, polyethylene glycol used throughout medicine as a soothing protectant. Polyethylene glycol is also used to coat pills to make them easier to swallow. Each of these minerals was specifically chosen based on their time-proven historical use in healing and treating the skin.

Compare your past Eczema Treatment with Eczema-Ltd III

What does Eczema-Ltd III accomplishes for adult patients, infants, and children:

Eczema treatment research for infants, children & adults by a Johns Hopkins MD. Eczema patients gain confidence in skin appearance. Eczema-Ltd III is safe to use by infants, children or adults of any age. There are no side effects and Eczema-Ltd III is safe during pregnancy or nursing of infants.

Eczema-Ltd III is for sensitive eczema skin. During the past 10 years, 98% of Eczema-Ltd III patients confirm that they are very pleased with their improvement of the appearance of their facial skin, knees, elbows, feet or any other eczema irritated skin area within days. The beneficial improvement in your eczema continues while being soothed with less itching rashes and other symptoms.

Eczema-Ltd III received its name by being our third generation to meet the needs of both children and adult patients. The ingredients within Eczema-Ltd III are 99.2% natural ingredients that are already within the human body. The ingredients are: iron oxide, zinc oxide, copper oxide, sodium chloride, cornstarch & polyethylene glycol (for a smooth gliding application to the skin), and sulfur. All of these essential natural minerals of the human body are needed for skin cell regeneration. There are no harsh, synthetic steroids, messy coal tars, nor oral medications. Eczema-Ltd III penetrates through the skin and dries in roughly 5 seconds and is always invisible on your skin, clothing, sheets and pillows.

Eczema-Ltd III was designed for eczema classifications of: Atopic Eczema, Juvenile Plantar Eczema, Baby Eczema, Light Sensitive Eczema, Contact Eczema, Eczema Herpeticum, Dyshidrotic Eczema Stasis-varicose Eczema Discoid Eczema, and Seborrheic Eczema.

Your past traditional treatments for eczema most likely included retinoids, steroids, and light therapy that usually aggravates, redden or thin the skin which can cause further sensitivity and discomfort to the skin. Eczema-Ltd III does not interact with any drugs, which allows you to continue taking any 'non-eczema' prescription medications, such a heart, thyroid, and cholesterol, etc. No other eczema product is needed with Eczema-Ltd III. Our objective is to simply do the opposite of most eczema treatments by leaving the sensitive skin intact which allows for natural healing.

Application of Eczema-Ltd III
eczema disks

We believe so firmly that you will be happy with Eczema-Ltd that we offer a warranty that you noticed above that no other company will match. If you are not happy with improvement in the appearance and condition of your skin, simply mail the unused portion of the product back to us, via regular mail, and we will refund your money the day of receipt.

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Our office is located at 100 Europa Drive, Suite 331, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517, (as shown in the picture below) which is within the Research Triangle Park area of Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina. Research Triangle Park is the largest research center in the world and is known to research scientists as "Science Central".

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Contained within our web site you will find valuable information to further assist you in improving your type of eczema without purchasing our Eczema-Ltd III. So the information will be also very helpful if you do purchase Eczema-Ltd III. Learning of the 'Cause/Etiology and Cure' of eczema will help you to understand the facts that will improve your eczema skin just by changing your 'Lifestyle' of food & drinks, clothing, contact with contaminates, etc. We at Bass & Boney, Inc. are constantly researching for methods of improving human life and longevity.

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Juvenile Plantar Eczema

Article of the Week:

Juvenile Plantar Eczema or "foot eczema" is skin inflammation triggered by friction of the sole of the foot often from rubbing against the inside of an ill-fitting synthetic athletic shoe or trainer. Juvenile Plantar Eczema is also known as juvenile plantar dermatitis, forefoot dermatitis, atopic winter feet, dermatitis plantaris sicca, forefoot eczema, peri-digital dermatitis, sweating sock dermatitis.

Juvenile plantar eczema most often occurs in boys between 3-15 years of age, but it occasionally occurs in adults and females. When it occurs in children it does tend to gradually improve. It is usually most severe during the summer months. The synthetic materials or chemicals used in the shoes or socks often play an important role in foot eczema. Sweat retention and covering of the feet by woolen or polyester socks aggravates this condition. Keeping the foot for a long time in a shoe or sock without aeration is an important triggering factor. Changing to leather footwear and wearing cotton socks may help relieve the problem. Above all else it is important that the footwear fits well and the sole of the foot is not sliding against the insole of the shoe. Walking barefooted on woolen or polyester carpets may contribute to juvenile plantar eczema as this may lead to static electric charges that may play a role in skin dryness and initiation of this condition.

Juvenile plantar eczema is characterized by symmetrical smooth, red-glazed appearance of the skin with fissuring, loss of epidermal ridge pattern, and fine scaling. It causes the sole of the foot to become red, hot, and sore. The most common symptoms are redness, irritation, cracking, and soreness, itching is seldom reported. The plantar surfaces of the larger toes are the first areas to be involved. Other weight-bearing areas are subsequently affected, but there is relative sparing of the instep and inter-digital web spaces of the foot.

The symptoms of foot eczema are characterized by the sudden onset (1 to 3 days) of deep-seated, clear blisters. In the later stages, scaling, thickening, and painful fissuring may occur. Secondary bacterial infection is very often a complication with Juvenile plantar eczema. Successful treatment may include wearing socks that are 100% cotton and changing shoes every day -- alternate 2 to 3 pairs of shoes. Follow recommended treatments for at least 4 months after skin has healed. It takes a long time for skin to recover, and unless you're careful the eczema will reoccur.